This amazing archive lets you revisit Miiverse


Let’s take a trip down Rabbids lane

Miiverse may be dead but it’s not gone. Nintendo shut down its bizarre and lovable social network service last month, and in the lead-up to that closure, app developer Drastic Actions got to work archiving as much content as possible for posterity. The open-source end result, Archiverse, is staggering — both in its breadth and its ease of use. It works just as you’d hope.

You can dig up user accounts, posts, replies, and whole game communities. There are even search options to show just drawings or just user-taken screenshots. It’s like the memes never left!

Okay, everyone, I have now launched, your guide into the Miiverse Archives!

216,901,986 Replies133,003,599 Posts75,955,135 Screenshots72,135,190 Drawings8,278,693 User Profiles

That’s nearly 17 terabytes of data saved by @archiveteam!

— Drastic “MAGfest” Actions (@drasticactionSA) January 3, 2018

This isn’t a full archive, but it’s huge. “While we attempted to download and store as much as possible, given the amount of time to do the archive and the crawling we had to do to get what we ended up with, there is no way to know precisely how much we missed. From Miiverse administrators deleting users and posts, users who hid their profiles, new communities created after the shutdown notice went out, to stability issues with Miiverse itself, many things would stop a complete archive of the site.”

But enough talk. Go relive the silliness that was Miiverse.

Drastic Actions [Twitter]