This Breaking Bad 'inspired' weed game on iOS is just….


Can’t even

While scrolling about in the iOS app store I found a game calledBreaking Farm— or as it’s known by its other name, “Impending Lawsuit.”

The story involves “Weedsenberg,” who watches a “famous television series” and gets the idea to start an island paradise in Jamaica — to grow weed. Intrigued, I booted up the free download, and it’s basically Cookie Clickeron weed. The tutorial is roughly 15 seconds, and beyond that, you swipe to earn more money, or just rake it in automatically.

Breaking Farmis serious business, as the developerIvanovich Games, based in Barcelona, gives us a pretty stark warning on its Apple storefront page: “Everything is this videogamne [sic] is fiction. Don’t even think about starting up a business inspired in this game.”