This Devil May Cry 5 mod makes V the Adam Driver look-alike he was always meant to be


As soon as he was revealed I thought of Driver

One of the first things I noticed about Devil May Cry 5was the “Adam Driver-ass” V, and I stand by that statement! This dude looks like he was wholly modeled after the actor and even exhibits a lot of the same qualities as a few Driver performances, Kylo Ren in particular.

I wasn’t alone, as many of our commenters pointed out, and now there’s a mod to indulge us.Available on PC (of course), it’s called “Robeless Kyle Ren Costume and Lightsaber,” and quite simply outfits V with a Kylo Ren getup and his crossguard lightsaber.The emo nature of V really comes to life when he’s reading poetry from a book adorning what is essentially a turtleneck that Driver would wear in a scene from Girls.

If you want to see the mod in action, YouTuber Rifza Gamer has footage you can watch below.

Kylo Ren [Nexus Mods]