This five-year-old's reaction to Bugsnax is just the cutest


‘Get a load of hotdog fingers’

Just when I thought I couldn’t be more into Bugsnax, an oddball adventure inspired by Viva Piñata and Ape Escape, there’s this: a too-cute-for-words commentary from Jeff Bakalar‘s adorable five-year-old.

Their stream-of-consciousness reaction – “that strawberry’s like a little creature that I really like so when I’m sad…,” “get a load of hotdog fingers” – is a heartwarming window into the Purest Timeline.

Bugsnax vs. a 5 Year Old

— Jeff Bakalar (@jeffbakalar) June 19, 2020

This clip is the best thing I’m going to see all day, by far, and I’m not complaining. Bugsnax for life.