This has to be one of the hardest Mario Maker levels


Have mercy on us all

It took Bananasaurus Rex, the guy who can do the impossible in Spelunky, “about four hours from start of practice” to clear this absurdly difficult Super Mario Maker level.

Just watch.

“Out of about 11k attempts globally, this is the first clear that anyone’s gotten, besides the uploader of course,” said Bananasaurus. “I don’t post public videos too often anymore but I thought this was cool enough to have to share. Definitely the most insane level I’ve beaten so far.”

I imagine figuring out how you’re supposed to proceed — much less pulling it off! — proved to be an insurmountable hurdle for most players. I would’ve gotten stuck for sure.

Who’s the designer? None other than talented speedrunner PangaeaPanga.

If you’re feeling brave, this level, Bomb Voyage, can be found online in Super Mario Maker (course ID: 2A8F-0000-0049-9485). He has other devious levels, too.

[Via Eurogamer]