This Mario 64 glitch walkthrough broke my brain


In the best possible way

What is the meaning of life? I’m not sure, but I’m beginning to believe it’s lurking somewhere in this ridiculously in-depth Super Mario 64 glitch video commentated by pannenkoek2012.

The video, a breakdown of the game’s inner workings and how it is possible to earn a star in the level Hazy Maze Cave “using 0.5 A presses,” is more than a hundred hours in the making. It has captivated me throughout the day — a few minutes here, a few there. I’m only now nearing the end. That segment on parallel universes (yes, really!) took quite a while to get through.

We have a “Things gamers do” tag on Destructoid and I’m tempted to retire it with this post.

[Via NeoGAF]