This modder created a 'fully functional custom dungeon' for Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Skyview Temple

Modders have been going hog-wild with Zelda: Breath of the Wildfor several years, doing anything from changing characters into humorous new models or creating new contentfor the game. Intrepid modderWaikuteru is currently working on crafting an entire dungeon in the Breath of the Wildengine.

While re-creating existing Zeldacontent has been done before (by this same creator, no less!), Waikuteru is boasting a full-scale project that involvesSkyview Temple from Skyward Sword. They call it a “fully functional custom dungeon,” with “custom backgrounds and battle music in shrines” as part of a 3.0 update of the mod, complete with HD textures.

You can get an extensive 4K look at this feat in the video rundown below, where the creator spends close to an hour walking you through the dungeon and its various locations. I think at this point everyone is hungry for expansive traditional dungeons in Breath of the Wild 2.