This new minion that was added in Final Fantasy XIV's patch 4.35 is everything


Out now

Final Fantasy XIV‘s patch 3.5 dropped several weeks back, but as all players know, Square Enix intends to make incremental changes between now and the next big patch (which will in turn bring the traditionally last raid tier), 4.6.

Yep it’s none other than version 4.35, which adds one major and one minor addition into the mix. The former is the long-awaited sequel to the Deep Dungeon wing Palace of the Dead, which is a challenge room/Bloody Palace type deal that tasks players with climbing a tower that keeps piling on the difficulty.

On the other [Hilda]hand,Hildibrand Adventures is a mini questline that continues the antics of the comic relief squad of the game, a storyline that’s been active since the 2.0 relaunch. Other minor additions include new Triple Triad cards, emotes, another mount, an adorable lizard minion, and other quality of life tweaks.

Even in half-patches Square Enix manages to keep it real with tons of things to do. Next up is the aforementioned mega-patch in several months, more Eureka, and the Monster Huntertie-in.

4.35 [Final Fantasy XIV]