This professional grade Zelda fan animation looks like an official series


From QianyaYin and crew

Nintendo has been sitting on a gold mine for years with the ability to produce a modern Zelda cartoon without the “excuse me princess” silliness. The idea of a non-speaking protagonist is a concept that transcends language barriers, as seen with the runaway success of properties like Shaun the Sheep. This new fan animation is basically a proof of concept for the company.

Known under the Vimeo accountQianyaYin, this fan spent “about two months” on the animation with another associate namedYouyang Kong. The music is also original and done bySihan Yuan, with extra sound effects byDoudou.

The scene should be all too familiar if you’ve played Breath of the Wild, with Link squaring off against a pair of deadly Guardians while getting a little help from his friends. It’s short (1:40), sweet and could straight-up be pitched to Nintendo today. I love the ’90s anime feel of the action sequence alongside of the sleek visuals that put a lot of professional studio productions to shame.Bravo.

Maybe Netflix’sCastlevaniawill herald the success of other similar video game cross-media projects.