This year's E3 mural is Doom Eternal and oh my God E3 has started


Are you ready?

E3 has begun. Can you feel it? ::Extremely Kronk voice:: Oh, I can feel it.

This year’s festivities officially kick off in just a few minutes with EA Play, which is thankfully not an hours-long traditional press conference, and is instead a highly scheduled series of game showcases. But another event really heralded the beginning of E3 this week: theHotel Figueroa mural.

This year Doom Eternalis taking center stage with a pretty rocking rendition of the hellish Doomuniverse.In previous years everything from Gwent, to Skyrim, to Star Wars Battlefront II, to Final Fantasy XIII, to Fallout 76, to Max Payne 3, to GTA V have graced the sides of the hotel.

We’re starting to arrive at E3 as we speak, so be prepared for this unrelenting maelstrom of gaming news.

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