This Zelda: Link to the Past map made of LEGO just makes me want to play it again


I always feel like playing it

Having played every Zeldagame multiple times at this point,Zelda: Link to the Past is still probably my favorite. It’s just so clean, to the point where you can play it through in one session without ever getting frustrated: to me, that’s peak Zelda.

Well, this LEGO piece is probably peak LEGO. Found at BrickCon 2019 this past weekend in Seattle, Washington, this creation from Doug and Lyn Werr wowed the audience with its authenticity and build quality.Even the level of detail with the placement of the Lost Woods trees is astounding, as is the re-creation of Kakariko Village and the giant Tower of Hera. You can compare them directly in the gallery below!

All we can hope for next year is that someone will be inspired by it and create a Dark World map companion build to go with Doug and Lyn’s creation.

Cesar [Twitter]