Those pause screen demos for Kirby Super Star are from creator Masahiro Sakurai


And other development tidbits

Nintendo has been putting out a series of interviews with lead developers from the batch of SNES Classic titles, and although they’re mostly just promotional material, there’s a lot of really cool little factoids buried within them. The same goes for the one featuringMasahiro Sakurai, creator of Kirby, in honor of Kirby Super Star‘s inclusion.

After kicking off with a flattering “you have not aged” comment (it’s true!), Sakurai digs into his origins as a Nintendo developer, and how the Copy ability (which wasn’t in the original Game Boy game) came to be.

The whole thing is worth reading, but my favorite takeaway — those demos that play when the game is idle are based on footage from Sakurai himself.

Super NES Classic Interview – Kirby [Nintendo]