Three NieR: Automata deals available for the PC release


Score up to 18% off

NieR: Automata has arrived finally on the PC and the fanfare looks to be justified as early reception is positive and Plantium Games as of writing has been quick to address PC port issues (such as a 4K support issue that cropped up earlier today). The game is also now sitting pretty on the #1 top-selling slot at many digital retailers. Anyone interested in NieR: Automata is in luck as there are now three deals available for release week.

NieR: Automata PC Release Week Deals

Where previously we had spotted only one deal available at one retailer, you now have the option of three digital retailers for your Steam key. Smell that? That’s the sweet smell of consumer choice.

If you go by pure discount, GMG wins out at 18% off given the game is discounted to $49.29. DLGamer has the game at a slightly lower 17% off to $49.99, and finally GamesPlanet is priced at £42.99, which converts to be about $53.15.

For the GamesPlanet “deal” the £42.99 price tag is actually just the list price for gamers in the UK, so you’re not exactly getting a discount but more so saving money on currency conversion. With how third-party retailers are discounting titles lately, we suspect this is one such title that won’t receive heavy discounts post-release. So if you’re planning to play anywhere near launch, you may want to consider any one of these deals depending on your choice in retailer.