Timex Space Invaders watch has funky old-school style


Not on my Watch

Master chronokeeper Timex has teamed with old-school publisher Taito to release a new watch featuring the timeless style of the latter’s 1978 arcade smash Space Invaders. The funky-looking fashion item is considered a vital component in the prevention of three small bases from being overrun by waves of cute, pixelated extra-terrestrials… Well, it tells the time at any rate.

timex space invaders watch t80 black

The Timex x Space Invaders watch is based on Timex’s retro-chic T-80 model, and boasts a stainless steel bracelet, an Indiglo backlight screen, and an exclusive T-80 lens — featuring a slick black and red Space Invaders design. The watch features typical T-80 functions including a chronograph, timer, and alarm, alerting you to its presence with classic sounds pulled from the groundbreaking arcade phenomenon that didn’t cause the ¥100 coin to go out of circulation whatsoever.

timex space invaders watch all colors

Available in Silver-tone, Gold-tone, and yer boy’s favorite, Black, the Timex x Space Invaders watch is now available to purchase from worldwide Timex stockists, retailing for around $89 USD. This watch is the second of Timex’s video game collaborations, following on from its Timex x Pac-Man model, which was released back in 2020. Here’s hoping for Dig Dug!.. or, I don’t know, Narc.