Tired of sword users in Smash Ultimate? Sakurai says don't blame him


‘Like it or not, it’s not up to me whether another sword fighter goes in the game’

If you count both variants (a la Sheik and Zelda), Smash Ultimate just got twomore sword users with the addition of Pyra and Mythra.

This is following several other sword users across both Fighters Passes, including the most recent addition of Sephiroth. So what gives? Well, series father Masahiro Sakurai says that you can’t blame him!

Speaking to Washa Live (via Nintendo Everything) this week, Sakurai had a few brief things to say on Smash Ultimate‘s DLC choices, but also had their hands tied a bit by how much they could elaborate on. When asked why there are so many sword fighters (a question he gets often), Sakurai explains, amid laughter: “Like it or not, it’s not up to me whether another sword fighter goes in the game.”

When pressed again, saying that the playerbase often groans when another sword user is announced, Sakurai follows up, noting: “Well even if it is another sword fighter, it will be fine as long as we balance them properly.” He also states that sword fighters are “easy to implement,” especially compared to insanely intricate characters like Steve.

But outside of that quick rundown, Sakurai says he can’t really expand outside of that, and that if he “goes a little further, [he] will get something from Nintendo.” An earful, it sounds like! Sakurai is very careful in what he says in situations like this, but he’s made it clear on several occasions that he isn’t in charge of who is picked.

Washa Live [YouTube via Nintendo Everything]