Titanfall on MY phone? It's more likely than you think


Prepare for titansmall

Titanfall might not have made as big of a splash as it wanted, with its Call of Duty-but-with-mechs gameplay, but it has its following. Those who just can’t get enough of the “expansive sci-fi universe” of Titanfall at home might be in luck; developer Respawn Entertainment is teaming up with Nexon to bring the franchise to mobile and tablet devices.

The two studios are co-funding a new developer Particle City, which is sort of a sub-developer to Respawn, founded in part by Respawn’s Vince Zampella and sharing office space in Los Angeles. Particle City is currently hiring to work on the mobileTitanfall games.

No genre or format has been announced for the upcoming Titanfall mobile title(s), but Zampella extols the partnership with Nexon, citing the publisher’s “free-to-play expertise” as a strong point.

Titan Clicker, here we come!