To all you PlayStation Vue subscribers out there, Sony is hiking up the price


By $5 for each package

Sony’s PlayStation Vue cord-cutting service, which is not just available on PS4, is increasing its subscription prices soon. It’s $5 extra per month for the Access, Core, Elite, and Ultra plans, as video services continue to battle it out in an all-out war for people who are removing traditional cable from their lives.

Although the Vue service is excellent (I’ve been testing it out on and off over the past six months in addition to cable), the whole industry is a bit of a mess right now, with IP holders blocking deals, revoking licenses, and trying out their own proprietary channels that will end up costing people more than a cable package. It’s the wild west right now and when the dust settles I’m not sure I’ll want to pay $10 a month for AMC, $10 a month for FX, and what have you. For now, there’s all-inclusive cable adjacent services like Vue, Hulu, and Sling to fill in the gaps.

And to all you folks out there who follow my TV viewing schedule, this was my excuse to post my annual header picture from Showtime’s always entertainingThe Affair.

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