Today is free pack day in Hearthstone, log in and grab it


Even if you’re been MIA for a while

Okay so it’s “New Pack Day,” but the header gets the point across much more concisely if you aren’t a regular Hearthstone player.

Anyway, along with a cute little animated short, Blizzard is running a promotion today where if you log into Hearthstone, you get a free pack. A golden pack, to be exact, with cards that are…golden (foil, basically). No matter how you feel about the current meta or the latest card balancing act, it’s probably worth logging in (especially with how easy it is to do on mobile devices) and nabbing it for free. If you’re having issues actually seeing the pack after the prompt,try logging out and back in (it worked for me).

As a reminder Hearthstone is currently in the Year of the Raven (its standard play rotation, where some expansions rotate out and new ones rotate in), and will host two more expansions this year — one in the summer, and another in the fall.

New Pack Day is Coming! [Hearthstone]