Today's Impulse is all about the surprisingly good Apex Legends


Respawn isn’t done yet

From out of nowhere, Repsawn Entertainment released Apex Legends. Set in the Titanfalluniverse, this new take on battle royale has been doing exceptionally well for EA. After hitting a staggering 10 million players in just a few days, it starts to become silly when you think that Titanfall 2almost sunk the company. Is this all just the hype train working its magic, or is Apexhonestly good?

Well, Dan and I sat down to discuss our thoughts on the game and we’ve both walked away fairly impressed. You can read this review-in-progress to go really in-depth, but suffice to say, EA and Respawn might have a legitimate shot at stealing PUBGand Fortnite’sthunder. Call of Duty, eat your heart out.

If you aren’t keen to watch Dan’s feeble attempts at winning a round, why not check out Impulse on SoundCloud? It’s all the same great discussion with less of the visual distractions. It’s also perfect for your morning commute to work.