Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition comparison video


With blow-by-blow commentary from my wife

Our friends over at IGN just posted a video comparing Tomb RaidertoTomb Raider: Definitive Edition, along with an interview with with developer Scot Amos. It’s a nice interview, but it’s a lot of preaching to the choir.

I was curious about what someone who has no vested interest in being at the forefront of the technological innovation may think of the improvements in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition–someone who can tell the difference between DVD and VHS picture quality, but who isn’t going to necessarily value something more just because it has “more graphics per inch”. So I asked my wife to give me some commentary on the differences she perceived between the two versions. See her type-written comments below.

00:20–“It looks like they instagram-ed it”

00:52– “It’s a little darker”

01:03– “Her hair moved a little more”

01:11– “It’s more shadow-y”

01:31-“The hair is more piece-y, more flow-y. That’s pretty cool I guess. It’s like when they got that special paint to make Belle’s hair go just right, with just the right amount of wispiness, in the cartoon movie Beauty and the Beast.”

Me- “What? What are you talking about?”

Her- “They made a really big deal out of it in that movie.”

01:56-“I mean, they both look pretty fake.”

02:11Me- “Do you prefer one over the other?”

Her- “No, I mean, her face is more fleshy colored on the right. More living colored, but that’s not necessarily better.”

02:27– “Oh, she’s slouching! She’s slouching more in the PS4 one for some reason.”

02:35– “She tripped! (giggles)”

2:45– (losing interest, watching The Wrestler on TV, a scene where Mickey Rourke’s character is shopping for cheap clothes.)

Me- “How about now? Big difference, little difference, no difference?”

Her- “Uhhhh, a little different? The colors are a little brighter.”

03:13– “She’s all wet! Was she wet before?”

03:29– “The angle is different?”

3:54Me- “Anything?”

Her- “… no.”

04:02– “Uh, the rocks are a little more defined?”