Tomb Raider is the star of Microsoft's first holiday Xbox One bundle


Just the first of five

Late last week, I warned everyone who’s thinking about buying an Xbox One to hold off for the weekend. That’s paying dividends early Monday morning. Microsoft has revealed the first of five holiday Xbox One bundles that will be for sale later this year.

As predicted, Rise of the Tomb Raideris one of the big titles that’s spotlighted with its own package. This set features the original black Xbox One with a 1TB hard drive, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Tomb Raider: Definitive Editionfor $399. It will ship in November — probably on November 10 in North America, which is when Lara Croft’s newest adventure is finally available.

Interestingly enough, these bundles appear to be retailer-exclusive to some degree. The Tomb Raiderpackage is only available at Microsoft Store and Best Buy in the US. Elsewhere, it’s available at “participating retailers in all markets where Xbox One is sold, except Canada, China, and the UK.” Those three may see their own retailers offered exclusives, or they just might not get these bundles at all.

If Lara’s not your type of gal, Microsoft has four other chances to entice you. Tuesday through Friday of this week will bring about four new bundle announcements. Maybe one of those will be enough to your liking as to convince you to welcome an Xbox One into your warm, lovely home.

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