Tommo responds to SNK, plans to continue making Neo Geo X


Neo Geo X Gold maker calls license termination unjustified

Tommo has responded toSNK Playmore’s recent terminationof theNeo Geo X Gold licensing agreement. The company asserts it performed all obligations under the contract and is “disappointed by SNK’s sudden and unjustified termination of the agreement.” Tommointends to continue supporting the line of products and demands SNK Playmore recant.

Last week, SNK Playmoreordered Tommo to“immediately cease any and all manufacturing, distribution, marketing and promotion” of Neo Geo X Gold systems, games, and accessories; reasoning the move was an effort to protect its intellectual property rights. The companies renewed their contract earlier this year, extending the licensing agreement until 2016.

A former licenseedescribesthe situation as an instance of history repeating itself. NeoGeoFreak was a party in a similar court case with in the past, which resulted in SNK Playmore offering a settlement to the console distributor.