Totaku reveal new figures of N64 icons Conker and Banjo-Kazooie


More stuff for your already-cramped shelves

Remember Totaku? I have to admit that the brand had slipped my mind completely, despite my writing about it in January. But they’re a range of mini-figurines replicating classic video game characters, which launched in GameStop and GAME this year.

The range currently includes many recognisable heroes from a gamut of brands and platforms. The Totaku range currently includes PaRappa the Rapper, Tekken’s Jin Kazama, characters from the Street Fighter and Sonic the Hedgehog series, God of War’s Kratos and even Bloodborne’s sinister Hunter.

Totaku are looking to the Nintendo 64 for their next two releases in the range, with the three characters next in line to be immortalised in plastic form are memorable N64 heroes Conker – of Conker’s Bad Fur Day – and Banjo-Kazooie of… erm… Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie.

You can check out short videos featuring the upcoming figures below, courtesy of Germany’s Game Mania. No specific date was given for their release outside of Fall, when they will be made available at Forbidden Planet and GAME stores in the UK.