Touhou makes its western debut on May 7


Prolific doujin series finally crosses the Pacific

When it comes to Japanese indie games, there’s Touhou and then there’s everything else.

Over the course of two decades, the property has transformed from an series of obscure bullet hell shooters into a cultural phenomenon. However, despite being unfathomably popular in Japan, Touhou has never (officially) come to western shores. That is, until now.

Not one, but two Touhou games will be released in English next week, thanks to the team at Playism. The localization team has announced Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character and action platformer Takkoman will be available via the Playism Store starting May 7.

Double Dealing Character is the latest entry in the official series and was originally released at Comiket 84 in the summer of 2013. Meanwhile, Takkoman is a fan-made game based on Touhou‘s world and its characters. They will retail for $15 and $10, respectively.

Touhou 14 hits Playism on 5/7/2015 [Playism]