Transistor, Turok, Rogue Legacy, Star Wars Bounty Hunter lead a string of hits getting physical releases from Limited Run Games


Let’s get… etc…

Limited Run Games has revealed a string of titles headed to their catalogue in the near future. You can check these out below.

Jet Set style racer Hover releaseing for PS4 July 26.

Transistor is getting a collectors edition on PS4 and Switch. Pre orders July 5.

Rogue Legacy releasing physically on PS4 and Switch July 19.

Bad North releasing on Switch in Q3 of 2019.

Dark Devotion releasing on PS4 and Switch Q4 of 2019.

Night in the Woods releasing on PS4 and Switch Q4 of 2019.

Blazing Chrome releasing on PS4 and Switch in Q4 of 2019.

Blazing Planet releasing PS4 and Switch June 21.

Turok and Turok 2: Seeds of Evil releasing for Switch in Q3 2019.

Blaster Master Zero releasing for Switch in 2019.

The original Red Faction releasing for PS4 July 12.

FMV remasters of Corpse Killer (PS4) and Double Switch (Switch) in July 2019.

Real Myst Masterpiece Edition releasing for Switch Q3 2019.

Mercenary Kings: Reloaded Edition releasing for PS4 June 28.

Star Wars Bounty Hunter releasing on PS4 June 28.