Travis Touchdown is back on Nintendo Switch in Travis Strikes Again


As the meme-heavy trailer shows

Well, Nintendo had a bombshell up their sleeve with this one for their Nindies Summer Showcase. As revealed on-stream, Suda 51 and Grasshopper Manufacture are stepping back into the world of No More Heroes with Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, coming to the Switch in 2018.

It was revealed by way of a fourth wall breaking, meme inducing trailer that apes many aspects of recent culture, including the use of the Stranger Things font and a reference to Unreal Engine 4. The narrative seems to be framed around The Bad wanting revenge on Travis, and will feature “multiple punk-rock levels and over-the-top bosses.”

Yep, it looks like a full-on sequel! Hopefully it’ll balance the best parts of the first game (the actual bosses) and the second (the great minigames and lack of fluff), and be the best No More Heroesyet.