Trials Rising is amazingly still being supported, and five new tracks are out today


Season 4

When you think of “long-supported games by Ubisoft” your mind probably goes immediately to Rainbow Six Siege or The Division 2. But hanging out in the rafters, low key, are projects like Trials Rising.

Rising actually debuted back in February of 2019 (it’s nearly a year old!), and Ubisoft is still pumping out tracks for it. We’re on season four actually, and five new tracks are out today, all with an arctic theme. The pack is called “Polar Expedition,” and pretty much all of them sing with an icy glory.

The tracks are Permafrost (which promises lots of airtime), Glacial Mass (which takes place on an actual glacier), Inuit’s Paradise (described as the most atmospheric), Out Cold (featuring an X-Files vibe) and Iceferno (which wins “most absurd title in 2020” fairly early on). They all look pretty great!

Polar Expedition Track Pack [Ubisoft]