Tripwire Interactive shows off its namesake weapon in Rising Storm 2: Vietnam


Strings what make the booms

It’s been some time since we’ve written about Antimatter Games’ and Tripwire Interactive’sRising Storm 2: Vietnam. Last time was about how squads and ironsights will differ in relation to comparable war games. Now we get to see a couple of explosive weapons in action, including the one that Tripwire is named for.

These are in a bit of strange format (.webm), so the only way you’ll be able to see them is by clicking these links: one for American C4, and one for the Vietcong’s tripwire bombs. You might have trouble if you’re on mobile. For now, this is all work-in-progress but it looks to be shaping up nicely. I was a little surprised by the amount of gore, but considering Tripwire is behind Killing Floor 2, I probably shouldn’t have been.