Tripwire Interactive talks Killing Floor 2 on PS4


It’s still coming, they promise

I guess this one slipped by me during PlayStation Experience. Tripwire Interactive is starting to produce videos about Killing Floor 2‘s PlayStation 4 port. It’s still off in the distance, but it’s a good sign that they’re starting to talk about the this officially since there’s been relative radio silence since the port’s announcement.

While at PSX, I took a look at the game running on the PlayStation 4, and it’s shaping up nicely. The framerate isn’t locked right now so it’s in the range of 20-60, but it’s still being optimized. I’ll probably stick to the PC version, but I’m curious to see if there will be Sony-exclusive characters. I’d like to shoot Zeds as Nathan Drake, please.

Oh, and the best part of this is Tripwire’s vice president Alan Wilson’s incredibly dark eyebrows. Enjoy.