Tunisian mobile game gives away two real, living cows


Moo-ve over Dead Island zombie torso, cows are better

Bagra the Game is a Tunisian mobile game all about looking after cows, so it makes sense that developer Digital Mania has given away an actual, real cow to its best players.

The lucky winners were a couple from Beja, Tunisia, who were the best at pinching cows from other players while also protecting their own herd (and were also the best at shelling out for mobile microtransactions, but hey).

The couple had the choice of having the cow delivered alive, donated to a charity, or butchered and come as just the meat. Fortunately, they made the best possible choice, and so Pamela was loaded onto the back of a wagon and sent on a little road trip to her new home.

Pamela isn’t the only bovine up for grabs, as Digital Mania is also going to be giving away another cow called Brigitte. So I guess if you’re in Tunisia and really need a cow (or some meat, if you can stand the thought of tucking into a sweet, pretty Brigitte), maybe that’ll be the way to get one?

Bagra The Game, le gagnant du 1er prix emmène Pamela [Tuniscope, via Kotaku]