Tweet embedded MS-DOS games disabled by Twitter


Thus ends a beautiful weekend in gaming

Toward the end of last week, something very cool happened in gaming that a lot of us were very excited about. Thanks to some technical wizardry, discovered a way for gamers to easily embed MS-DOS games into their tweets. It was magical to say the least.

But alas, this glorious four day experience has now come to an end, as Twitter have disabled this functionality and made it so you now have to click on the link in the tweet and go play MS-DOS games on a website rather than in a tweet. Oh no! How shall we go on?

While some Twitter users initially assumed the decision was over privacy concerns, the prevailing theory now is that these games were disabled due a to a conflict with Twitter’s Terms & Conditions. Basically, they have a rule in place that says you’re not allowed to fiddle about with their video player functionality to do new things, like play games or create messaging apps. Twitter wants videos to be videos, they don’t like the idea of this newfangled interactivity working its way into the service.

While you can no longer embed MS-DOS games directly into a tweet, you can still play a huge archive of these games on