Twitch is going to allow you to sort League of Legends streams by skill


Also, by Champion

Sorting through scores of League of Legendschannels (one of the most popular Twitch games for years running) can be really off-putting, but Riot is making strides to change that as of this week.

The publisher, alongside of Twitch, has implemented a new feature that allows viewers to sort channels by both rank and Champion. In other words if you just want to see folks using newly released characters (or your personal favorites), you can do that. Or likewise, if you’re a high-ranked player and want to see how the 1% lives, you can sort and easily find them, or vice-versa if you’re still learning the ropes.

It’s a genius idea, and just one reason why Riot is typically ahead of the competition. Even if you aren’t big into streaming, hundreds of thousands of others are every day.

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