Twitch Plays Dark Souls managed to defeat the second boss


Taurus Demon is toast

Twitch Plays Dark Souls had been a bit of a shambles right from the get go. Players spent days and days stuck in the very first section of the game, at which point the creator of the stream changed the rules and made the entire game almost turn-based: it pauses while the audience is voting on what to do next.

Thanks to this change the pace has massively picked up, and they’ve managed to beat the game’s second boss (and the first outside of the tutorial zone), the Taurus Demon. Thanks to the video by Pvt Booger found up top, you can see how they managed to defeat it without having to sit through the long delays while the players make their decisions.

What’s cool is that they didn’t even beat it the standard way. Normally, you climb up the towers at either side of the arena, and do a powerful dropping attack. The stream just blocked the attacks (somehow, I always lose stamina if I try that) and whaled on it.

The new delay system kind of feels like cheating, especially when I’ve been screamed at and told to “git gud fucking scrub” for asking where a simple pause menu mod for the PC version is. But it’s also kind of interesting to see an audience who are already “gud” argue with each other about the best course of action.