Two Point Hospital is finally getting a sandbox mode



Two Point Hospital is a really great revival of the quirky Theme Hospital. It captures all of the humor and charm of the original classic while injecting it with a modern art style that will constantly have you smiling. The one thing it left out, though, was a sandbox mode. For whatever reason, you were limited to the 15 hospitals the game had and the missions associated with them.

In a new update, though, Two Point Hospital will finally be jumping into the upper echelon of classic management sims. As the YouTube description for the trailer reads:

So… what is Sandbox: Freeplay? Essentially, it’s Two Point Hospital your way. All you’ll need to do is play through the first 3 levels of the game to unlock it, then you can create sandbox hospitals in any of the 15 levels available in the game!

Along with the freedom to create your perfect hospital, you can tweak a number of parameters to have the game mesh with your specific style. Don’t want epidemics breaking out? Turn them off. Tired of seeing patients queue up outside the doctor’s office? Get rid of them! You can even copy and paste room layouts to quickly expand your hospital to other buildings.

All in all, it should make for quite the update to Two Point Hospital. I’m already in love with the title, so having a chance to tinker around with it will likely suck me right back in.

Two Point Hospital – Sandbox: Freeplay! Official trailer [PEGI UK] [Two Point Hospital via YouTube]