Tyrael gets a rework in Heroes of the Storm along with a rad anime-as-hell skin


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Blizzard, like many other MOBA developers, periodically “reworks” older Heroes of the Stormcharacters so that they’re relevant in the meta. This can happen if a hero falls out of favor due to eventual power creep, or because their kit just isn’t plain fun — for Tyrael, it’s a lot of the former.

The high mana-cost warrior has had low pickrates for some time, and although it’s far past due theArchangel of Justice is back.Among general buffs like mana reduction he seems a lot more proficient at solo laning, which already makes him more interesting.The changes seem sound, but the fact that his boring kamikaze passive — which doesn’t feel on-theme at all — wasn’t altered is disappointing.

Alongside of the rework comes a new skin for the hero, Mecha Tyrael. Tyrael now joins Mecha Tassadar and several others (including the new Mecha Rehgar skin) to form a Voltronof anime skins.

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