Ubisoft details slight but impactful Assassin's Creed III upgrades that are coming with the remaster


Out this month on PS4 and Xbox One

It makes sense that you’d be on the fence for Assassin’s Creed III‘s upcoming remaster. I mean it wasn’t the best-received entry, especially when you consider that it’s sandwiched between two mainline critical darlings Brotherhood and Black Flag (andRevelations).

Well, in addition to various impressions that will be going up after launch, Ubisoft is also being pretty upfront with their alterations for the remaster, which includes a fairly in-depth comparison video and a breakdown of visual and mechanical improvements.

On top of the 4KHDR concessions, Assassin’s Creed IIInow has an improved more modern UI, a better in-game economy, enhanced stealth features to keep it more in line with recent games (like hiding in bushes, whistling and double assassinations) and more outfits. On Switch (coming after the PS4 and Xbox One editions) it’ll feature HD rumble, touch screen support, motion controls and a tailored UI. Having actually enjoyed the game at launch (in spite of its many faults) this is making future replays a more enticing prospect.

As a reminder, Assassin’s Creed III is out on March 29 on PS4 and Xbox One, followed by the Switch release on May 21.

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