Ubisoft isn't skimping out on Ghost Recon Breakpoint's PC port


Full range of options available

One of the best perks of gaming on PC is the wide range of hardware you can get. Fitting into whatever budget you may have, there are high-end machines, low-end machines, ultra-widescreen monitors, 4K, uncapped framerates, etc. It can be a little confusing to get into but is hard to turn away from once you’ve tasted it. Ubisoft seems to understand that because Ghost Recon Breakpoint is going to support it all.

In the latest trailer for the upcoming open-world shooter, we have confirmation that the PC port for Breakpoint will feature the full range of PC options. There’s true 4K support, uncapped framerates, ultra-wide, that dumb eye-tracking thing Ubisoft really wants to make a reality: it’s all here! Whether or not it runs well is yet to be seen, but this won’t be a quick and easy console port.