Udon announce Street Fighter 'Summer Sports' special, on sale in August


If Juri doesn’t win, we riot

Publisher Udon Comics have announced that they will be releasing a Summer Sports issue of the Street Fighter comic, featuring the amazing ladies of the Capcom fighting universe.

The 32-page issue will be available with a selection of cover variants. Three of these, by artist Rob Porter, see Cammy preparing for some beach volleyball, Chun-Li ready to hit the pitch for a spot of soccer and newcomer Menat taking to the basketball court. Even better is the retro-inspired cover by Jeffrey Cruz, featuring Chun-Li and Juri in a sprint, taken from this classic DC comic.

Nothing compares to Porter’s Nicki Minaj homage, however, which has the Strongest Woman in the World recreating the hip-hop superstar’s pose from her recent hit single. Also of note is how, just like DLC costumes, Chun gets more variants than any other character!

The Street Fighter Summer Sports Special goes on sale digitally and in stores in August.