Uh oh: Assassin's Creed movie will feature more modern setting than the past


Blast from the future

And every Assassin’s Creedfan cried out at once.

So, the new trailer for the Assassin’s Creedmovie hit, inching us closer and closer to itsDecember 21, where 20th Century Fox will directly compete with the new Star Wars. But before that, we’re going to see a lot of marketing, and a lot more info on what the movie will actually bring to the table. So far, it’s…not ideal beyond the talent involved.

According to an interview from IGN, executive producer Pat Crowleynotes that it will take place “65 percent in the present and 35 percent in the past.” As any series fan knows, the modern day bits are probably the most contentious lot. Whereas the series thrives on plopping us into interesting historical situations and shoehorning in major figures to tell an isolated tale, the attempt to connect each game (presumably to market them more) really fell flat after the first entry.

In recent years Ubisoft has taken to basically muting the modern day setting, partially due to fan outcry, and the fact that they’re going for it with this film worries me even more than the project did already. Butthe 2015 Macbeth film, which features the same three major players (director Justin Kurzel, Fassbender, and Cotillard) has earned my trust, so I’ll probably give this one a shot.

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