Uncharted 4's microtransaction prices are live, and they're not worth fiddling with


From $5 to $50

Although the multiplayer element of Uncharted 4was live for reviewers to test as of the past week or so, exact microtransaction listings were not available. Today, at launch, we now know the pricing scheme.

The cheapest option is 500 Uncharted Points, which goes for $5. Then there’s $10 for 1,500, $20 for 3,200, $35 for 6,500, and $50 for 10,000 points. So what do they help you unlock? Cosmetics, basically — characters and outfits — and as usual, both lack any special parameters or skills that impact gameplay.

Players can also use Relics (another currency earned in-game) to buy cosmetic mystery boxes, and eventually unlock larger outfits and costumes by assembling all of the pieces. As a note, characters are 500 Uncharted Points each and full outfits are 200, so it’s pretty damn pricey if you’re going the real money route.

Uncharted 4 [PlayStation Store]