Unfortunately, Iron Fish isn't about a robot fish


Iron rusts… poorly designed fish

I’ve mentioned this on Destructoid before,but I’ve had bad experiences with water and for some reason that’s transferred into a fear of eels. Those little fuckers freak me out.

So developer BeefJack and designer Dean Edwards have decided the best thing to do is to make a “psychological deep-sea thriller set 11 kilometers below the ocean’s surface” with their new game on Steam Greenlight,Iron Fish. I don’t know if I’ve angered these people, but boy do they want me to never sleep again.

Iron Fishsees you play as Cerys, a British (wahey) deep-sea explorer whose task is to investigate just how deep into the ocean a person can go. Unfortunately, this being a horror game and all, it will get very dark as you face off against very angry, very big, and very toothy fish. Hooray.

We don’t have a specific release date for Iron Fish, but it’s coming to PC “later in 2015” in all its fishiness.