Unravel ancient mysteries in archaeological adventure Heaven's Vault


But it wasn’t Geraldo’s fault

Here’s something a little different. Coming from indie developer Inkle, this new trailer gives us a look at upcoming graphic adventure Heaven’s Vault, which will see players control an investigative archaeologist as uncovers mysteries as old as time itself.

Blending mystery, adventure and science-fiction, Heaven’s Vault sees Aliya Elasra, accompanied by her robot companion, Six, travels the ruins of an ancient space nebula, piecing together the mysteries of lost civilizations through the artifacts and texts she finds on her journey.

Aliya will rely on her historical knowledge and translation abilities to decipher strange languages, codes and pictograms of yesteryear. Local civilians can help or hinder her progress, with the player’s ability to recognise patterns, decipher texts and place events in chronological order directly affecting the story and its ultimate outcome.

You can check out a trailer for this intriguing new title below. Originally planned for release in 2018, Heaven’s Vault will now launch on PS4 and PC this Spring.