(Update) Amazon Mexico lets loose that RPG Maker MV is heading to Switch


Creation on the go

[Update: It looks like RPG Maker MV will also be heading to PS4.]

Fans of game creation and RPGs have had a fondness for the RPG Maker series. It’s not only lead to the creation of some pretty solid titles, but it has given people a taste for what game development can be like. It has also given rise to a lot of weird fan games that we won’t speak of. The one thing it hasn’t done is ended up on Nintendo Switch, though that is about to change.

Amazon Mexico “accidentally” let slip that RPG Maker MV will be heading to Switch this November. The title, to be published by NIS America, will allow players to upload their creations to the internet and even download other games. It looks like the game will also support dual audio with English and Japanese voice over options available.

There is no word on whether or not creations made on Switch will be playable on the PC version of MV, but this is a pretty big get for Nintendo’s portable hybrid device. Being able to create your own games on Switch means you could literally be anywhere and constantly working. Sounds like corporate America’s dream come true.

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