(Update) Capcom is sending out emails asking fans to test a mystery Resident Evil game


By way of the Ambassador program

[Update: Capcom is apparently sending the email to US Ambassador members as well, according to this Tweet from Twitter user Patrick Copeland.The email states that testing sessions will occur in September in Los Angeles (9/20-9-21) and in New York (9/23-9-24). The requirements are the same: you need to be registered for the program and you have to have played a previous Resident Evil game.]

Sneaky Capcom! Although the Resident Evil 2 remake did arrive just this year, the last original Resident Evil release was RE7 back in 2017: which is (counts on fingers) forever in Capcom years! All eyes are on the publisher to see if they’ll follow up their first-person horror-oriented success with a RE7-like or a more traditional Resident Evilgame, and some lucky folks mightget that chance this September.

Based on an email from the Biohazard Ambassador program obtained by the website Biohaze, the publisher sent out a request for current members and REfans to try out “a new Resident Evilgame that’s in development.” The tests will occur sometime in early September, and the project does involve Capcom Division 1 proper: making it less likely that this is just a throwaway spinoff likeUmbrella Corps.

Although the US has an ambassador program of its own, it seems like this particular test period is limited to just Japan. Maybe we’ll hear more about this project come September: or later, if the event has an airtight NDA attached to it.

Capcom recruiting RE Ambassadors to test game currently in development [Biohaze]