(Update) Epic Game Store exclusive Tetris Effect requires Steam VR for its VR mode


Yes, Ms. Morissette, this is ironic

[Update: In a comment given to Eurogamer, Tetris Effect developer Enhance has clarified that the Oculus version of the game does not require SteamVR’s SDK. Despite Epic stating otherwise, this was a misunderstanding on the part of the publisher. Obviously the Vive version does (for the reason stated below), but you can play Tetris Effect without requiring Valve’s software.]

From certain PC gamers, a collective sigh was let out when Tetris Effect was announced as an Epic Games Store exclusive. While I personally have no issue with that decision, this latest bit of news is kind of ironic. Since Tetris Effect has a VR mode and supports Oculus and Vive on PC, it actually requires you utilize Steam VR to play in this mode. We now have a scenario where the Epic Games Store requires software from Valve to run one of its games. Let that sink in.

While the official FAQ from Epic states that Oculus VR doesn’t require Steam’s API, the company confirmed to Dark Side of Gaming that is inaccurate. “Tetris Effect itself does not require Steam to run. However, Tetris Effect VR does require SteamVR, both on HTC Vive and Oculus,” reads the statement. While it makes some sort of sense for Vive (which is endorsed by Valve), it’s just hilarious to me that Epic is relying on software developed by Valve for one of its games.

Despite being an Epic Games Store exclusive, Tetris Effect VR requires SteamVR in order to run [Dark Side of Gaming]