(Update) Several leaks confirm Overwatch will be announced on Switch today, coming next month


So that Switch case has a use!

[Update: And there it is. Overwatch kicked off today’s Nintendo Direct presentation ahead of the game’s October 15, 2019 launch on Nintendo Switch for $40.]

Heroes never die! Unless they were never born [on Switch].

Although Overwatchhas enjoyed continued success on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms for several years, Paladinshas been eating its lunch on Switch: but that day is over soon, according to multiple sources. Although we’ve had multiple retail leaks in this past week (including a more telling OverwatchSwitch case, following Blizzard’s officially licensedDiablo IIIcase), Overwatch on Switch wasn’t really a sure thing due to the shaky nature of some of said leaks.

But that was before a Nintendo Direct was announced yesterday, and as of today, Kotaku has been able to independently verify the veracity of those reports. Allegedly we will get an official announcement during the aforementioned Direct, with an October 15 release date.

I have so many questions! Most notably, I want to see if Overwatchon Switch is balanced the same as PS4 and Xbox One, following suit with Blizzard’s decision to treat the PC and console editions differently when it comes to balance patches. Also, is cross-play coming? What about cross-progression? Or Nintendo-centric outfits for the Switch port?

Overwatch for Switch [ResetEra via Kotaku]