(Update) Silent Hill's next DLC team-up is with Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals


If that’s outside your wheelhouse, you’re not alone

[Update: The Silent Hill chapter for Monsters & Mortals will be out on February 24, and the DLC includes several familiar faces: Heather, Cybil, Robbie the Rabbit, the Nurse, and of course, Pyramid Head.]

Silent Hill is reaching new audiences with crossover DLC in multiplayer horror games, and the longer this goes on, the more impatient fans will become. I hope it’s all building to something more substantial.

Konami’s next cross-game collaboration for Silent Hill is with Dark Deception: Monsters & Mortals, a maze-chase horror game on Steam that’s popular in the Let’s Play circuit. This afternoon, Glowstick Entertainment shared a teaser video with audio and visuals plucked from the hibernating horror giant.

“The new Silent Hill guest DLC will arrive in February 2021,” according to the developer. Funny enough, the just-delayed Dark Deception Chapter 4 will feature “Lucky the Rabbit” and “Reaper Nurses.” Fitting.

Dead by Daylight‘s tie-in with Pyramid Head made a certain sense to me – that game has a widely-established reputation for partnering with horror icons – but I’ll admit it, this one feels out of left field. On that note, Glowstick has “more big mystery additions coming to Monsters & Mortals after Silent Hill.”

It’s a mega-weird time to be into this series. We might need to hug it out with Splinter Cell fans.