(Update) Watch Nintendo's Indie Highlight presentation with us


All Switch

[Update: The full presentation is embedded below, solets recap. During the 16-minute video, Nintendo highlighted some of 2019’s incoming indies, as expected. They kicked off with Wargroove, the previously announced strategy game fromChucklefish, due on February 1. Double Kick Heroes, a rad looking action romp, is coming “first to Switch” in summer of 2019. When Sky Lifts Go Wrong, a silly physics game, is out now. Forager, a top-down dungeon crawler, is “coming soon,” Goat Simulatoris out now, Inmost, a puzzle platformer, is due in 2019, Unruly Heroesis out now, CrossCode is out this year and Image & Form announced SteamWorld Quest, due in 2019 “first on Switch.”]

Nintendo is about to drop some indies on us.

Now that’s Switch indies, mind. Like most of their recent Directs and presentations, this one is completely Switch related. Sure I’d love to see more 3DS love but it’s been very clear that they’re pivoting toward their “multiple Switches per household” model, so it’s expected.

Anyway, coming up shortly at 9AM Eastern on Nintendo’s YouTube channel, we’ll see a bunch of indies on the way for the Switch in 2019. Some of it will be old, some might be new: let’s watch it all together. After the presentation we’ll link the reel and do a quick recap.