(Update) We might not be getting the new Smash amiibo trio until late 2021


A ‘fall 2021’ tweet was deleted

[Update: It was a mistake! They are due in March 2021.]

Did you miss all of the recent amiibo news? Well here’s a full list, and a brief recap.

Joker and Hero were just recently released worldwide, kicking off the Smash UltimateDLC amiibo run. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Furyis also getting two figures(Cat Mario + Cat Peach), due in February of 2021, which were put up for pre-order weeks ago.

Monster Hunter Riseis getting three figures, which were available to pre-order in-store at GameStop and are now listed online with priced-gouged shipping as of this past weekend. Oh, and a trio of amiibo (Banjo/Terry/Byleth) were revealed as part of the Smash Ultimate+ Minecraftfestivities. About that last one.

While Nintendo did not release cold, hard info on their dates during the stream, they did tweet out recently that the figures were due in “fall 2021.” That tweet has since been deleted, but was immortalized on Twitter, and is still available on the Nintendo of Canada account. We’ve reached out to Nintendo for confirmation, but given that they did mention that their pipeline was impacted, that date could be accurate. The wait continues!

Note that after these three, we need figures for Min Min, Steve and four more fighters to complete the full Smash set. Using fall 2021 as a guide, amiibo might live on until at least 2022, even if the line is on life support.

Nintendo of America [Twitter via theprinceofiris]