(Update) Xbox Germany announces Final Fantasy VII Remake for Xbox One, promptly deletes post


‘PS4 first’

[Update: In a statement to VGC, Square Enix says it has “no plans for other platforms,” which is a very political way to address the situation after the “PlayStation first” message is already out there.]

Playing games with exclusives is one of the worst trends of the past few generations, and that’s just what Square Enix is doing with theFinal Fantasy VII Remake.

Announced at E3 years ago as “coming to PlayStation first,” that phrase right there tipped folks off that the remake would not be exclusive to PlayStation. In fact, Square Enix has been pretty bullish about putting their work on the PC and Xbox One platforms as of late, so we’d likely expect it to proliferate at some point. But when? We have no clue.

This latest post from Xbox Germany (found by Twitter user Nibel), dubbed an “internal mistake” from the crew, is the only information we have. The post both on Facebook and Twitter announced that the remake would be coming to Xbox One in March of 2020: the same month as PS4. That doesn’t make any sense, as that’s the PS4 launch date and “PS4 is first” after all, but the team wouldn’t have posted it if it wasn’t coming to Xbox One at all.

So what’s the point of all this? Hopefully Square Enix gets the message and sheds some light on all this confusion, as the cat is seemingly out of the bag that yes, no one is plugging their eyes and ears thinking “this is just a PS4 game.” Or maybe Sony paid them a lot of money and they can’t say anything. Either way, this debacle is a good reminder that you aren’t missing out if you don’t have a PS4.

Nibel [Twitter]